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Melon Seeds shelling Machine

Melon seeds shelling line is one advanced automatic shelling equipment for pumpkin seeds and watermelon seeds. Both pumpkin seeds and watermelon seeds are cracked and separated from hulls at one time and unshelled pumpkin seeds can be cracked again, saving time and labor.

Highlights of Latest Melon Seed Shelling Line

melon seeds shelling machine

1. Pumpkin seed de-hulling machine is suitable for hulling watermelon seeds and pumpkin seeds.
2. Separate pumpkin kernels from shells automatically, no need of gravity tables.
3. Wet type pumpkin seed shelling machine processes soaked pumpkin seeds, while negative-pressure separator separates pumpkin kernels from shells without blowing air which can reduce the dust content in processing procedure.
4. Made of quality stainless steel, our pumpkin seed hulling machine has a long service life.
5. Newest pumpkin seed hulling machine has overcome the previous shortcomings in broken rate.
6. Re-hulling system can crack un-hulled pumpkin seeds, saving time and labor.
Main Parts of Melon Shelling Unit

melon seeds shelling

melon seeds shelling

pumpkin seeds hulling

water melon seeds hulling process


Melon Seeds Shelling Production Line Working Video



Working Flowchart of Melon Seed hulling Line

①Hopper ②bucket elevator ③shelling machine ④ electric control cabinet


pumpkin seeds shelling machine




Melon Seeds Hulling Machine Specifications
Cross Weight
Perfect Kernel
Kernel with Shell
 Pumpkin Seed Shelling Machine
> 95%

Pumpkin Seeds Further Process
Pumpkin seeds are a very good source of vitamin E and there is a large amount of B-complex group of vitamin. Shelled pumpkin seeds can be made into delicious butter and oil.

pumpkin seeds butter

1. Pumpkin seed butter
Pumpkin seed butter full of iron and acids is well know for its immune stimulating properties and supportive benefits to male health.
Like pine nut butter, pumpkin seed butter works well combined with other things, such as honey, salad, chocolate and bread. For people allergic to nuts, pumpkin seed butter is the best choice.

pumpkin seed oil

2. Pumpkin seed oil
Pumpkin seed oil is a culinary specialty of south eastern Austria, eastern Slovenia, Romania, north western Croatia and Hungary.
Pumpkin seed oil has an intense nutty taste and is rich in unsaturated fatty acids. Pumpkin Seed Oil is helpful in preventing bladder and prostrate problems as well as intestinal parasites. Pumpkin Seed Oil has also been used to maintain weight loss, help relieve muscle fatigue, arthritis, and help regulate cholesterol levels.



Product Name: Melon Seeds shelling Machine